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Cloud Logging is the way to securely, easily and reliably send data to the IXON Cloud. The IXON Cloud offers unlimited data storage and the ability to visualise and analyse the data using freely configurable dashboards. With the extensive API the data can be accessed by other tools such as Tableau BI. The pricing is based on the number of data points that are streamed to the IXON Cloud per hour.
For example: if 100 variables are sent once per hour and 15 variables are sent every minute, then
this comes down to a total of 1.000 data points per hour (100×1 + 15×60 = 1.000).
A Cloud Logging license is purchased per machine for a certain amount of time. As soon as licenses are about to expire, you will receive a weekly email with an overview of the licenses which will be expiring in the next 60 days. Easily extend a license by simply adding a new one.